Drag-and-drop for Laravel
The page builder which makes building marketing sites fun again.
Free, flexible, and fun

Visual page builders are a fantastic way to create marketing pages, but most of them are expensive, terrible, or both. 


Prodigy brings expressive page creation to Laravel.

Drag and drop blade components

Compose pages using a drag-and-drop interface…all while using native Blade components. It's really powerful.

Custom post types

Prodigy can manage CMS content like posts, staff members, and events. Then, the developer can use eloquent for powerful querying and filtering.

Dynamic page routing

Prodigy uses a wildcard route at the bottom of your web.php file, so you never have to worry about managing routes for Prodigy…it all just works.


The section you're reading now was created with a repeater and rendered in 23 lines of PHP. All the image uploading and content was handled by Prodigy.