What is Prodigy?

Prodigy is a drag-and-drop page builder and CMS for Laravel. It is an open source package which installs into Laravel to add a ton of functionality to your site.

Over the past decade, visual page builders have exploded in popularity – between companies like Webflow and Squarespace or WordPress plugins like Elementor and Beaver Builder. But Laravel hasn't had it's own page builder that felt like it “fit” within the system.

Prodigy brings the best ideas from visual page-building to Laravel. You can let Prodigy handle the marketing portion of your Laravel app or use it standalone for a marketing site.

You get all the power and speed of Laravel – Eloquent, Livewire, Blade components, Octane, queues – with the simplicity of a visual page builder. 

Plus, it's free.

Great for developers

Prodigy uses blade components to make creating new, editable components insanely easy. And deploying a Prodigy site is 10x faster than deploying WordPress. 

Great for creators

The dead-simple drag-and-drop interface, alongside a streamlined editor means your team or client will love making changes.

Simple templating

Prodigy was built by developers, for developers. It assumes you want to make lots of custom templates. You won't have to sacrifice control by going to a third-party tool like Webflow or Squarespace.

Free free free

In the WordPress ecosystem, Prodigy would cost over $300 in plugin licenses for the same level of functionality. But it's free and open source.

A quick "thank you"

I've been  inspired over the past few years by so many people who have contributed to Laravel. All of them have contributed ideas which influence this project, and many of them have code which helps run it. The folks listed below are not directly affiliated with this project, but I'd like to say “thank you” for their influence and inspiration:

  • Freek…your leadership of Spatie and kind demeanor set so much tone, not to mention the many incredible packages your team supports.
  • Taylor…I've grown more as a programmer from source-diving your code than at any other time in my career.
  • Jeffrey…Laracasts – and by extension the culture of teaching within Laravel – is what separates this community from so many others.
  • Adam…making Tailwind shows the rest of us not just how to write great CSS, but how to lead a great open-source business.
  • Caleb…your podcast makes me laugh. and also Livewire.
  • Mohamed…your screencasts and overall demeanor are such a joy.
  • Philo…Your modal package is such a good example of how to make a Livewire package and it was super helpful.
  • Tony…thanks for “getting it” before most folks did.